The consumer goods outlook:
Driven by e-commerce and the economy

E-commerce alone will not determine the outlook for consumer goods through 2025. Economic factors also will drive the outlook in important ways that differ by consumer goods category.

This interaction between e-commerce and economic drivers is broken down by 13 major categories that make up consumer goods in a special report by MacroSavvy™.

This unrivaled perspective and forecast through 2025—available for purchase at this link—is notable in the following ways:
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  • Consumer goods vs services. Consumer goods are forecast in the broader context of trends in overall consumer spending and prices—including the impact of services (e.g., health care, education, etc.) on what consumers spend on goods categories.
  • Category detail. Consumer goods are broken out in detail by these 13 categories: Food & alcohol, Drugs/health & beauty care, Apparel & footwear, Jewelry, Furniture & furnishings, Toys/hobby/games, Sporting goods, Books, Music & videos, Computer hardware & software, Electronics & appliances, Office equipment, Hardware & other miscellaneous goods.
  • Size, growth, and share. In addition to the trend and forecast through 2025 of the total size and growth of the consumer goods market, also detailed is the contribution by each of the 13 categories—and the category share of the total consumer goods market.
  • Price versus quantity. Sales by category are decomposed by each category’s unique price versus quantity (i.e., unit volume) trends and forecast.
  • E-commerce versus in-store. Sales by category are decomposed by each category’s unique e-commerce versus in-store sales trends and forecast.
  • Graphic-intensive. The trends and forecasts are summarized and detailed visually across more than 50 graphics in a 34-page PowerPoint presentation.
  • Data intensive. The underlying data is also available for download with the report, including a (flat) file ready to be read into software such as Tableau or Power BI to create additional visualizations.
  • Q&A time. Report buyers also receive an hour of time via conference call to answer questions about the report and underlying data.
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For the full report detailing the consumer goods outlook, see the product available here or at the view products link below:

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