Price Deals and Dangers—February 2016

Price Deals and Dangers—February 2016Here’s where to look for deals and watch out for higher prices based on the latest price trends:

  • Your home heating bills should save you a few bucks this year if the winter doesn’t take a big turn for the worse. Heating oil, natural gas, and propane prices are all much lower than last year.
  • Some of the best shopping deals will be in major appliances, and women’s suits and girls separates.
  • In the grocery aisle, watch out for higher prices for food spices, which are moving counter to other food prices.
  • The other price dangers are in service categories:
  • -Moving expenses,
    -Sporting event tickets,
    -Car insurance, and
    -Inpatient hospital services.

These suggestions are based on the latest monthly price trends as measured by the consumer price index(CPI).

For more on price trends from an @Work perspective, see the full article here.

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