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York Daily Record, Dec. 22, 2015: “Frank Badillo, director of research at MacroSavvy LLC, a Virginia-based market research and consulting firm, said consumer spending has recovered in the last few years. However, much of that spending hasn’t made its way back to traditional retail stores…

“Overall, many of these store retailers are losing the war versus online sales, but are still winning a battle here and there, like Black Friday.”

This excerpt is from the York Daily Record. The full article is found here.

FLORIDA TODAY, Oct. 2, 2015: “It’s unlikely that low gasoline prices will lead to a big bonanza for retailers this holiday,” said Frank Badillo, a retail consultant with Macrosavvy LLC . “Households are tending to pocket the savings or spend on non-retail goods.”

“For many older households, the priority has been health care, prescription drugs, and related services. For younger households, the priority has been car buying and eating out, which are not core retail categories.”

This excerpt is from Florida Today. The full article is found here.


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